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White Donkey

After several years of visiting orchards and collecting experiences, the company was formalized under the name Burra Blanca in honor of this noble animal with which the founder has a special attachment.


Postscript Sidra

Offer the best natural cider with fresh seasonal fruit grown in Mexico inside and outside our country. Without additives.


Classic Red Postscript

Posdata Classic Red style (semisweet), is launched on the market. A natural, fresh and unique cider to enjoy all year round with a special blend of apples grown in Mexico.

New style

Special Green Posdata

The 2nd style of the family is launched, Posdata Verde (sweet), special, limited edition, in collaboration and with a unique selection of green apples for a pleasant sweetness.



We exported our 1st batch of Classic Red hard cider (Original Recipe) with Nossa Imports, complying with all FDA requirements.

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