Mixed Packs Posdata Red and Green Cider

$ 795 $ 900

6 or 12 bottles (355ml) with the most recent and fresh of our natural apple ciders. The Classic Red Original Recipe (5.0%) and Special Green Posdata (6.0%).

The Classic Red is fresh, fruity notes, floral aromas, perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, light, with a pleasant carbonation that maximizes all the qualities of the apple (semisweet). Contains 90 calories.

La Verde Especial is a unique selection of green apples, fruity, full of fun notes and flavors, floral aromas, with an outstanding sweetness (sweet) . Low in calories.

Ingredients: 100% natural juice from our apples grown in Mexico and in-house yeast.

*our ciders do not contain stevia, coloring or flavorings.


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