Exploring the Rise of Hard Ciders: A Comparison of Mexico and the USA


Hard cider, a fermented apple-based beverage, has gained significant popularity in recent years, both in Mexico and the USA. While the origins of cider production can be traced back to Europe, these two countries have developed their unique cider cultures and are now experiencing a flourishing cider scene.

Hard Ciders in Mexico:

Hard cider production in Mexico has seen a notable rise in recent years. Traditionally, Mexico has been known for its beer culture, but cider has started to carve out a niche in the market as a result of new brands like Posdata.

Mexican cider producers have been experimenting with different apple varieties, resulting in a range of flavor profiles from crisp and dry to fruity and sweet.

The regions of Chihuahua, Puebla, and Mexico City have emerged as key players in the Mexican cider industry. Likewise Posdata hardcider which is made with mexican apples from Chihuahua. 

Local cideries have embraced both traditional and modern production techniques to create unique and innovative ciders. Additionally, Mexican cider festivals and events have gained popularity, showcasing the diversity and craftsmanship of the country's cider scene.

One distinguishing characteristic of Mexican ciders is the incorporation of local ingredients and flavors. Some cider producers have incorporated traditional Mexican fruits such as guava, hibiscus, and tamarind into their cider recipes, adding a distinct Mexican twist.

Hard Ciders in the USA:

The United States has experienced a cider renaissance in recent years, with a surge in both craft and commercial cider production. Cideries have emerged in various states, such as New York, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan, each with its unique cider-making traditions and styles.

American hard ciders often showcase a wide range of flavors, from traditional dry and semi-dry ciders to fruit-infused and barrel-aged variations. Many cideries in the USA focus on using locally sourced apples, including heirloom and cider-specific apple varieties, to create complex and nuanced flavors.

One notable trend in the American cider industry is the emergence of craft cideries, which prioritize small-batch production and experimentation. These cideries often employ traditional methods, such as barrel fermentation and wild yeast fermentation, to create artisanal ciders with distinct character and complexity.

In addition to traditional apple-based ciders, the USA has also seen the rise of flavored and hopped ciders, appealing to a wider range of palates. Some American cider producers have ventured into collaborations with local breweries, incorporating hops or aging ciders in beer barrels, resulting in unique hybrid beverages.



Hard cider has become a vibrant part of the beverage scene in both Mexico and the USA. While Mexico is embracing its own cider traditions as brands like Posdata do their own to built the category and incorporating local flavors, the USA's cider industry thrives on experimentation and diversity. Both countries offer a wide variety of hard ciders, showcasing the versatility and creativity of cider producers. Whether you prefer a crisp and dry cider or a fruit-infused delight, there are plenty of options to explore and enjoy in the exciting world of hard ciders.